Our Motivation

We're dedicated to improving the well-being of the most vulnerable among us + to providing tools that enable providers to realize our shared passion


Be Impactful
Equalize Access  
Catalyze Change
Honor Every Life

Our values are a reflection of how we approach working with partners and the patients we care for.

Our Why

Scott Maratea

I have been very fortunate to spend my career working across the entire healthcare continuum from a Solution and Service perspective. Improving the quality, access and cost of care for patients is a mission that I am committed to and passionate about, and Curve Health plays such a significant role in all of these areas. I am dedicated to furthering our expansion across the country so that we can continue to improve healthcare delivery to the populations that rely so heavily upon it.

Scott Maratea
Chief Revenue Officer
Dawn Fosah

I am passionate about creating technology solutions that improve quality of life, and at Curve Health, I have the unique opportunity to do this for our most vulnerable population. I am excited to be part of a mission-driven team that values innovation, inclusion, and a growth mindset. I believe Curve Health is well-positioned to make a big positive impact in modernizing and improving Healthcare.

Dawn Fosah
Chief Technology Officer
Garrett Gleeson

I've spent a career working to support the underserved and overlooked. Being a caregiver during my mother's seven year battle with cancer drove home the importance of providing comfort and support to those at their most vulnerable times. I believe Curve Health can transform care for vulnerable people and their families at scale. I can think of no greater purpose.

Garrett Gleeson
Head of Communications
Amanda Pritchard

I have had the privilege first hand to journey along with family members going through different stages of health. This has fueled a passion for the development of healthcare delivery. Curve is on a mission to support those that need help the most, and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of the team making this happen.

Amanda Pritchard
Chief Financial Officer
Erika Green

When I became a patient, I suddenly lost access to everything I had just had moments before. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me next, I didn't even know if I had the option to choose what happened to me next. I founded Curve Health to help create options where there are few and help reveal them where they may not currently exist.

Erika Green
VP of Product Workflow
Martine Dorgely

Growing up in Haiti, a country where healthcare is a luxury, I’ve made it my personal mission to improve access and quality of care for the underserved. As a floor nurse working in skilled nursing facilities and emergency departments, I got to witness first-hand the inefficiencies of our current system and the negative impact it has on residents, loved ones, and care teams. I’ve joined the Curve team to fulfill my lifelong mission and give back to the setting where I started my nursing career.

Martine Dorgely
VP of Client Success & Clinical Strategy


Curve Health Lifestyle

We are committed to supporting our team and families from day one.


Curve believes in identifying the best people for our team wherever they may be.

Time on Your Side

Unlimited vacation and PTO days let you power down when you need to so you can perform at your best.

Among the Benefits

We offer Medical, Dental + Vision with partial contribution for employees and their families.

Competitive Compensation

When you join Curve you’ll be a part-owner in our shared mission.

Flexible Schedule

We’re committed to providing our team with the flexibility to excel.

On-Demand Care

Health Advocate + One Medical help our team manage the unpleasantries of the healthcare system that we haven’t Curved (yet).

Curve Health Careers

Are you ready to be part of a healthcare revolution? At Curve Health, we're on a mission to reshape the way healthcare is delivered, making it more accessible, efficient, and effective for all. Our team is at the forefront of creating innovative solutions that bridge the gap between technology and healthcare. We're seeking passionate individuals who are committed to transforming the industry, one patient at a time.

We take the security and well-being of our candidates seriously. We want to make it clear that we will never engage in any activity that compromises your safety, security, or finances.

- We will never ask candidates for any form of payment, whether it's for an interview, processing fees, or any other reason.
- We will always communicate through official Curve Health channels. Be cautious of emails or messages that do not come from a @curvehealth.com domain.
- Our recruitment process is conducted through formal and established methods. We do not recruit through social media messaging apps or personal social media accounts.

Join Curve Health in reimagining healthcare and transforming the industry for the better. We're excited to meet talented individuals who share our vision and values. Together, we can create a healthier, more accessible future for everyone. Explore our job opportunities and apply today to make a real impact.

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