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Our motivation

We're dedicated to improving the well-being of the most vulnerable among us + to providing tools that enable providers to realize our shared passion.

Our values

Be impactful.
Equalize access.  
Catalyze change.
Honor every life.

Our company's values were formed during a time of global pandemic and social unrest.  We recognize the responsibility to do our part and live by example.

Our Leadership's 'Whys'

Robert MacNaughton

My personal experiences have fueled a passion to improve senior and long-term care. I believe coupling technology with human-centered design can accelerate access to care, reduce the cost of care and enhance the patient experience. The Curve team, with our like-minded passion, experience and world-class technical expertise, is uniquely equipped to meet the challenges of this moment. I am honored to be part of this journey.

Robert MacNaughton
Timothy C. Peck, MD

By the very nature of being someone who lives in a SNF, the people we serve have lost agency. Their bodies and minds may have changed so that they are dependent on others to help them do things that they were once able to do themselves. We have the privilege to give voice to the voiceless and be a partner and an advocate for people who deserve respect, life, and nobility.

Timothy C. Peck, MD
Founder, President & Executive Chair
Cheryl Porro

As a purpose-driven technologist, I’m focused on bringing innovative technology solutions to tackle some of our most challenging problems. The Curve team is well-positioned to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of people often overlooked and in their most vulnerable moments - moments that we all are likely to face at some point in our lives. I’m beyond thrilled to join such a talented and full-hearted group of individuals as we embark on this journey together.

Cheryl Porro
Nicole Greene

After 5 years in the CPG space, I was excited to work for such a mission-driven company, and inspired by the passion and conviction this team has for delivering better care to people in their most vulnerable moments. Beyond that, the culture we are creating around growth mindset, accountability and inclusivity is helping me perform at my best and support my teammates in doing the same.

Nicole Greene
SVP Product and Operations, Founding Team Member
Erika Green

When I became a patient, I suddenly lost access to everything I had just had moments before. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me next, I didn't even know if I had the option to choose what happened to me next. I founded Curve Health to help create options where there are few and help reveal them where they may not currently exist.

Erika Green
Head of Clinical Operations, Founding Team Member
Steven Goldschmidt

After spending the bulk of my career working with Post-Acute facilities to embrace and adopt new technologies, I have seen first hand the impact of hospital readmissions on residents, their families, and those that care for them. I am humbled to be part of a mission to help bring care to the "homes" of the most vulnerable.

Steven Goldschmidt
Senior Vice President, Sales and Business Development
Garrett Gleeson

I've spent a career working to support the underserved and overlooked. Being a caregiver during my mother's seven year battle with cancer drove home the importance of providing comfort and support to those at their most vulnerable times. I believe Curve Health can transform care for vulnerable people and their families at scale. I can think of no greater purpose.

Garrett Gleeson
Head of Corporate Development + Communications, Founding Team Member
Dawn Fosah

I am passionate about creating technology solutions that improve quality of life, and at Curve Health, I have the unique opportunity to do this for our most vulnerable population. I am excited to be part of a mission-driven team that values innovation, inclusion, and a growth mindset. I believe Curve Health is well-positioned to make a big positive impact in modernizing and improving Healthcare.

Dawn Fosah
Director of Engineering
Sara Michelena

I joined the Curve Health mission to drive a meaningful impact on end of life care. I am motivated daily to prioritize the human experience within the Curve Health software, creating opportunities for empathy and positive interactions between the patient and their health care providers. It's a privilege to work on a software product that is improving people's lives during their most vulnerable moments.

Sara Michelena
Director of Business Operations

Our benefits

Curve Your Lifestyle

We’re a young company, but we're committed to supporting our team and families from day one. This is only the beginning.


We were founded during a pandemic when work-from-home was a way of life, but we’re committed to it for the long haul.

Time on Your Side

Unlimited vacation and PTO days let you power down when you need to so you can perform at your best.

Among the Benefits

We offer Medical, Dental + Vision with partial contribution for employees and their families.

Competitive Compensation + Equity

When you join Curve you’ll be a part-owner in our shared mission.

Flexible Schedule

We’re committed to providing our team with the flexibility to excel.

On-Demand Care

Health Advocate + One Medical help our team manage the unpleasantries of the healthcare system that we haven’t Curved (yet).

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