Empowering Clinical Staff

Curve Health is Designed to Support Nurses in Moments of Need

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“I became a SNF nurse to help people. There are a lot of nurses who, like me, often find that’s not possible. Curve Health changes that, empowering nurses to feel like nurses again.”

Martine Dorgely

VP of Client Success and Clinical Strategy

When a patient’s condition is uncertain Curve Health is there to support the frontline care team

Curve Health provides invaluable assistance during moments of uncertainty in care decisions, offering instant remote access to healthcare providers, seamless data exchange, and advanced analytics.

Recognized for excellence, Curve's platform significantly minimizes hospitalization rates from Skilled Nursing Facilities by up to 80%, empowering nurses and enhancing patient outcomes.

“Nursing staff don’t always have the resources they need to make urgent clinical decisions, and as a result, have no choice but to send patients to the hospital. Curve Health backs nurses by providing fast access to providers, integrated health records, and the ability to assist right within the SNF.”

Dael Cepeda

Product Manager

Job satisfaction

Curve Health empowers SNF nurses with the resources and assistance essential for administering patient care right from the familiarity of their bedside. This translates to elevated job satisfaction, enabling nurses to offer top-tier care while fostering a more fulfilling and connected caregiving experience.

With telemedicine, nurses craft an enhanced care journey for both patients and their families, deriving the gratification of applying their extensive training and expertise in meaningful ways.

Empowering Proactive Care Management

Curve's innovative solution empowers nurses to proactively identify potential changes in patient conditions, bolstering their ability to administer timely and effective care.

Our virtual platform equips nurses with the tools to anticipate and implement preventive measures before emergencies arise, ensuring patient well-being and fostering a more proactive and confident caregiving approach.

Built by Nurses, for Nurses

Nurses have been integral members of our team since inception. Curve Health's development was a collaborative effort, shaped by the insights and expertise of nurses themselves. Continual input from our SNF nurse partners informs our solution's evolution, ensuring it remains finely tuned to address their unique requirements.

At Curve, nurses are not only valued contributors but also central to the very fabric of our innovative approach.

Redefining Care with a Personal Touch

Curve Health's distinction lies not only in its user-friendly and tailored platform for nursing home care, but also in the dedicated Care Traffic Controllers (CTCs) that offer a unique level of personal support to nurses.

Going beyond technology, CTCs stand as steadfast companions to nurses, providing vital assistance when needed most. In patient care, CTCs serve as invaluable sidekicks, enhancing the nurse's capabilities and creating a collaborative atmosphere that sets Curve Health apart.

Connects nurses with remote providers immediately and schedules appointments with remote providers at a preferred time for nurses

Ensures all necessary patient information is available for optimal care

Helps with administrative tasks

Serves as a robust support system, alleviating cognitive burden

The CTC seamlessly blends the essential elements nurses require for optimal and compassionate job performance.

The Curve approach

“At Curve Health, we are rooted in intentionality – a purposeful approach that prioritizes the user experience.”

Martine Dorgely

VP of Client Success and Clinical Strategy

"We maintain a continuous learning mindset, consistently immersing ourselves in our users' journey. Our focus revolves around understanding the essentials required to facilitate their tasks effectively."

Erika Green

VP of Product Experience and Clinical Innovation

Elevate Care with Telemedicine Integration

Telemedicine seamlessly complements traditional care delivery, addressing the challenges that skilled nursing facilities often encounter. The overarching objective is to safeguard patient safety and well-being, offering prompt and suitable care.

At the forefront of this effort, Curve Health emerges as a vital resource, offering medical professionals valuable guidance, expert support, clinical insights, and collaborative avenues. Leveraging its comprehensive capabilities, healthcare practitioners can enhance their decision-making, broaden their expertise, and foster a nurturing environment within the workplace.