Curve for Nurses

Curve is designed to support nurses in moments of need


“I became a SNF nurse to … I know this sounds corny … help people. There are a lot of nurses who, like me, often find that’s not possible. Curve changes that, empowering nurses to feel like nurses again.”

Martine Dorgely

VP of Client Success and Clinical Strategy

When a patient’s condition is uncertain Curve is there to support nurses

Curve delivers support when care decisions are unclear through immediate remote provider access, integrated data exchange, and enhanced analytics. Curve’s award-winning platform helps nurses reduce hospitalizations from Skilled Nursing Facilities by as much as 80%.

“Sometimes, nurses don’t have the resources or contacts they need to make urgent clinical decisions, so they have no choice but to send patients to the hospital. Curve backs nurses up by giving them fast access to physicians, integrated health records, and the ability to assist in enhanced procedures right there in the SNF.”

Dael Cepeda

Product Manager

Job satisfaction

Curve empowers SNF nurses by providing the tools and support they need to deliver the care their patients need in the comfort of their own beds.

With Curve nurses create a better care experience for the patient and their families, and have the satisfaction of putting all their training and know-how to work.

Empowering nurses to deliver even more care

Curve’s solution helps nurses identify when patients are likely to experience a change of condition, and supports nurses in administering care. Nurses are able to implement preventive measures before the emergency strikes.

Ease of use

Nurses have been part of our team since day one. Curve was developed with and by nurses, and the ongoing feedback of our SNF nurse partners helps deliver a solution tailored to their needs.

The Curve difference

Curve’s platform is simple, intuitive and designed specifically for nursing home care. But beyond just technology, Curve’s Care Traffic Controllers (CTCs) lend the personal support nurses sometimes need. The CTC is a nurse’s sidekick in patient care. CTCs:

Connects nurses with remote providers immediately and/or schedules appointments with remote providers at a preferred time for nurses

Ensures all necessary patient information is available for optimal care

Helps with administrative tasks

Serves as a support system, and reduces cognitive load

The CTC integrates what nurses need to do their job most efficiently, and empathetically.

The Curve approach

“Here at Curve, we are fully intentional about the design – intentional from a user standpoint.”

Martine Dorgely

VP of Client Success and Clinical Strategy

“We’re learners, always immersing ourselves in our users’ experience. We think of them as “a people” rather than a role. What do you need to have, to do what you need to do?”

Erika Green

VP of Product Experience and Clinical Innovation

Curve your care experience

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