New Partnership to Revolutionize Behavioral Health Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities

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April 26, 2024
New Partnership to Revolutionize Behavioral Health Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Revolutionizing Behavioral Health Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities: Curve Health and MindCare Partnership

In an era where mental health awareness is paramount, providing comprehensive care for individuals in Skilled Nursing Facilities remains a critical priority. Recognizing this need, Curve Health and MindCare Solutions have joined forces in a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the landscape of behavioral health services within SNFs.

Empowering SNFs with Innovative Solutions

Curve Health, known for its innovative technology and healthcare solutions, has teamed up with MindCare, a leading provider of behavioral health services, to elevate care delivery within SNFs. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in addressing the unique mental health challenges and needs encountered by SNF residents.

MindCare's expertise in delivering tailored behavioral health services across various healthcare settings, coupled with Curve Health's advanced technology, sets the stage for groundbreaking advancements in SNF care. Together, they aim to develop and implement innovative solutions specifically designed to meet the behavioral health needs of SNF residents.

Prioritizing Mental Well-being

"At Curve Health, we are committed to improving the lives of SNF residents by prioritizing their mental well-being," says Matt Michela, CEO of Curve Health. "Our partnership with MindCare reflects this shared commitment and underscores our dedication to delivering high-quality, person-centered care."

The partnership between Curve Health and MindCare will equip SNFs with the tools and resources needed to address the growing demand for behavioral health services among residents. By integrating technology and specialized expertise, SNFs will enhance care delivery, improve outcomes, and promote overall resident satisfaction.

Driving Positive Change

"We aim to set a new standard for excellence in behavioral health care within SNFs," says Tana Whitt, Chief Clinical Officer of MindCare. "Through our partnership with Curve Health, we will leverage our collective strengths to develop innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of SNF residents."

As the demand for behavioral health services continues to grow within SNFs, Curve Health and MindCare are committed to driving positive change and improving the quality of life for residents. To learn more about this transformative partnership and its impact on SNF care, read the full press release here.

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New Partnership to Revolutionize Behavioral Health Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities