Nurse Burnout: How Telemed Can Help Alleviate Frustrations

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July 20, 2023
Nurse Burnout: How Telemed Can Help Alleviate Frustrations

Nurse Burnout: How Telemedicine Can Help Alleviate Frustrations

In a bustling skilled nursing facility, dedicated nursing staff work tirelessly caring for residents with compassion and commitment. However, the demands of the job can take a toll on staff well-being, and many are experiencing symptoms of burnout.

  • Heavy workload: Nurses at SNFs often have a heavy workload, as they are responsible for providing care to a large number of residents with complex health needs. 
  • Short staffing: Facilities may not have enough nursing staff to provide high-quality care to their residents. This can lead to nurses feeling overworked and unable to give residents the attention they need.
  • High acuity patients: Many residents have complex health needs, which require skilled nursing care. This can be challenging for nurses who may not have the necessary training, time or experience to manage these conditions.
  • Limited resources: There may be limited resources, including equipment, medications, and supplies at the long term care facilities. This can make it difficult for nurses to provide the best possible care to their residents.
  • Documentation requirements: Nurses are often required to document their care in detail. This can be time-consuming and take away from direct patient care.
  • End-of-life care: SNFs often provide care to residents at the end of their lives. This can be emotionally challenging for nurses, who may need to provide palliative care, support to residents and their families, and bear the emotional burden of losing residents they’ve cared for.

Telemedicine is a promising solution to alleviate some symptoms of burnout and can help to improve the overall care provided at a skilled nursing facility. 

Embracing the change can be difficult although there are many benefits to transitioning to virtual care. Here are a few to consider. 

  • Reduce administrative burden: Virtual care platforms can streamline administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments and managing medical records, and in some cases handle administrative work loads. This frees up more for the front line staff to focus on direct patient care and reducing workload
  • Improve access to medical specialists: With telemedicine, nurses have access to a provider whenever they need medical guidance or support. This collaboration not only enhances the quality of care but also reduces the stress of managing complex medical cases alone.
  • Enhanced efficiency and convenience: Telemedicine can enable staff to conduct certain routine medical assessments remotely, such as checking vital signs, reviewing medication regimens, and addressing minor concerns. This saves time and effort, allowing nursing staff to attend to other critical tasks. 
  • Increased support and connectivity: Promote and facilitate enhanced communication and collaboration among the healthcare team. Consulting with other nurses, physicians, and specialists through virtual means will help to gain support and shareknowledge. This connectivity reduces feelings of isolation, fosters a sense of teamwork, and provides a support system to combat burnout.

The Curve Health Difference: 

Adopting new technologies like telemedicine can be a big decision. However, there are several reasons why embracing telemedicine, and a platform like Curve Health, can be beneficial for your facility. Curve Health enables timely care, cost savings, enhanced care coordination, and a way to future-proof your organization. 

  • Timely medical care without the need for transportation or arranging in-person visits is especially valuable for your population. With telemedicine, residents can connect with their healthcare provider conveniently, reducing barriers to care and ensuring they receive the attention they need, when they need it
  • Enhanced revenue acquisition through increased census, amplified PDPM reimbursement, site-of-service fees for telemedicine, and enhanced payment via the Value-Based Purchasing Program
  • Reduce healthcare costs and decrease unnecessary hospital readmissions. Regular check-ins and proactive monitoring lead to cost savings for both your facility and the healthcare system
  • Curve Health provides robust features for care coordination. You can securely share medical information, including electronic health records (EHRs) and diagnostic reports, with the patient’s healthcare provider. This promotes seamless collaboration between the facility's staff, primary care physicians, and specialists, ensuring comprehensive care plans are in place and reducing the chances of miscommunication or gaps in care

Embracing this technology now, you position your SNF as forward-thinking and adaptable to changing industry trends.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, telemedicine is likely to become more prevalent and integrated into various care settings. 

Remain competitive with the only SNF specific telemedicine solution.

Schedule a demonstration with our team today! 

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Nurse Burnout: How Telemed Can Help Alleviate Frustrations