The Hidden Benefits of Virtual Care for Clinical Staff

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August 8, 2023
The Hidden Benefits of Virtual Care for Clinical Staff

Remote care has been predominantly lauded for its positive impact on patient outcomes.

However, its hidden value lies in the benefits it brings to the frontline clinical staff, offering a plethora of advantages that can often go unnoticed. Let’s take a look at the less discussed but vital aspects of virtual care that prove to be invaluable to the nursing workforce.

Having a Coach Through Difficult Situations

In challenging clinical scenarios, the support and guidance of experienced providers can significantly impact decision-making. Virtual care platforms offer clinical staff access to a broader network of seasoned professionals who can provide real-time coaching and insights. This resource enables medical practitioners to navigate complex cases with greater confidence, ensuring optimal patient care, even in the face of uncertainties.

Having a "Battle Buddy" After-Hours

The 24/7 nature of healthcare demands continuous support, especially during after-hours shifts when clinical staff may feel isolated. Virtual care solutions bridge this gap by providing a virtual network of additional colleagues who can be reached for collaboration and consultation. Having a "battle buddy" during late-night shifts fosters a sense of camaraderie and ensures that clinical expertise is readily available whenever needed.

Someone Who Provides Clinical Expertise

In cases involving rare conditions or complex medical presentations, telemed serves as a gateway to a diverse pool of clinical experts. By facilitating remote consultations with specialists from various disciplines, virtual care empowers clinical staff to access invaluable expertise that would not otherwise be available, improving diagnostic accuracy and treatment decisions.

Someone Who Lightens the Mood and Has Compassion

Healthcare environments can be emotionally taxing, and the importance of emotional support cannot be understated. Telehealth platforms not only facilitate serious medical discussions but also provide opportunities for camaraderie, humor, and compassionate interactions. This fosters a positive work environment and reminds clinical staff that they are part of a wider overall team that values their well-being.

Teamwork Mentality that Ignites Collaboration

One of the most powerful aspects of virtual care lies in its ability to transcend geographical barriers and facilitate collaboration among professionals from diverse locations. This virtual connectivity ignites a spirit of teamwork, enabling knowledge-sharing, best practice dissemination, and collective problem-solving. It instills a sense of community within the clinical workforce, promoting continuous professional growth.

The hidden value of telemedicine for clinical staff goes beyond its primary role of aiding patient care. It serves as a critical resource that empowers medical practitioners with coaching, support, clinical expertise, and a spirit of collaboration. By leveraging the full potential of virtual care, clinical professionals can enhance their decision-making, broaden their knowledge base, and foster a supportive work environment. 

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, acknowledging and embracing these lesser-known advantages of virtual care is essential to nurturing a resilient and empowered clinical workforce.

The Curve Health Difference: 

Adopting new technologies like telemedicine can be a big decision. However, there are several reasons why embracing a platform like Curve Health, can be beneficial for your facility. Curve Health enables timely care, cost savings, enhanced care coordination, and a way to future-proof your organization. 

  • Timely medical care without the need for transportation or arranging in-person visits is especially valuable for your population. With telemedicine, residents can connect with their healthcare provider conveniently, reducing barriers to care and ensuring they receive the attention they need, when they need it
  • Enhanced revenue acquisition through increased census, amplified PDPM reimbursement, site-of-service fees for telemedicine, and enhanced payment via the Value-Based Purchasing Program
  • Reduce healthcare costs and decrease unnecessary hospital readmissions. Regular check-ins and proactive monitoring lead to cost savings for both your facility and the healthcare system
  • Curve Health provides robust features for care coordination. You can securely share medical information, including electronic health records (EHRs) and diagnostic reports, with the patient’s healthcare provider. This promotes seamless collaboration between the facility's staff, primary care physicians, and specialists, ensuring comprehensive care plans are in place and reducing the chances of miscommunication or gaps in care

Embracing this technology now, you position your SNF as forward-thinking and adaptable to changing industry trends. As the healthcare landscape evolves, telemedicine is likely to become more prevalent and integrated into various care settings. 

To learn more about Curve Health’s virtual care solution for SNFs, contact or schedule a demo now

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The Hidden Benefits of Virtual Care for Clinical Staff