Unlocking the Value of Data Insights for SNFs with Curve Health

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April 10, 2024
Unlocking the Value of Data Insights for SNFs with Curve Health

A Digital Health Platform Designed for Post-Acute Care

Data plays a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiencies and enhancing patient outcomes. Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are no exception. With the increasing demand for quality care, SNFs are embracing proven innovative solutions that effectively harness the power of data and technology to their advantage.

Curve Health stands at the forefront of this digital healthcare revolution, offering SNFs defined and actionable insights, additional remote care provider support and empowering facilities to optimize care operations. 

The Value of Data Insights

Our approach to data insights is tailored to the unique needs of each SNF. We work closely with SNF leadership to identify areas of opportunity and provide tailored support and insights for their teams. Data insights primarily support various Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) initiatives, helping SNFs enhance their overall quality of care.

Explore examples of Insight Reports that Curve Health delivers to SNFs today:

12-Month Transfer Insights: Completed during initial onboarding with Curve, this report provides a comprehensive analysis of the previous 12 months' worth of transfer data. It helps establish a baseline and gain a better understanding of potential opportunities at each facility.

High-Risk Resident Report: As a complement to the 12-month transfer insight report, this daily report highlights residents at an increased risk of adverse clinical events and potential transfer to the hospital.

Fall Analysis: This comprehensive analysis highlights trends and patterns for when residents experience falls, providing actionable insights to help prevent future falls.

Medication Waste Analysis: This report reviews trends and patterns around missed or refused medications, helping SNFs minimize medication waste and optimize medication regimens for residents.

Psychotropic Medication Orders Insights: This focused analysis helps SNFs comply with CMS guidelines around psychotropic medications, surfacing insights to optimize prescribing practices and improve resident care.

Better Outcomes

These data Insight Reports provide invaluable information to SNFs, empowering them to make informed decisions, optimize care delivery, and ultimately improve resident outcomes. By harnessing the collective power of technology, innovation, and data, Curve Health is transforming the way SNFs operate and care for their residents, leading to better outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

The Curve Health Difference 

As a strategic partner for SNFs, Curve Health empowers clinical and executive teams with information and access to operate and care for residents more efficiently. Our mission is clear: enable care teams to deliver the right care to the right resident at the right time in the most efficient way possible.

We achieve this mission through two primary avenues:

1. Remote Physician Support via Telemedicine: When a resident experiences a change in condition, Curve Health provides access to remote physician support with the Curve Health platform. Within minutes of a visit request made by SNF staff, our EHR integrated platform connects them with remote physicians who first review their chart in real time, and then offer effective and timely guidance, helping to keep residents in-house and avoid unnecessary transfers.

2. Actionable Insights for SNF Leadership: Curve Health provides SNF leadership with actionable insights on many key quality topics, helping them better maintain compliance and gain efficiencies in care operations. By leveraging data insights, SNF leadership can make timely and informed decisions that drive continuous improvement in care delivery.

Looking for a specific insights report? 

We can help. Contact us today to explore additional data insights for your facility.

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Unlocking the Value of Data Insights for SNFs with Curve Health